About Us

We are board riders & craftsman passionate about all board sports. We supply and manufacture premium board riding equipment 

Our skateboard factory makes quality handmade boards. New structures are tried out every day and new materials and processes are considered. Every little step in the process is devoted to thoughts that should not only ensure that Swiss precision is guaranteed, but mainly that the end consumer can skate a whole life with a high-quality board with the best properties for the desired driving behavior.

From skater for skater is the philosophy that prevails in the workshop and you can also see it in the team: skaters, surfers and snowboarders who want to enjoy the boards even more every day. There is always something that can be changed and our best friends Trial & Error ensure that every idea is mature in the shortest possible time.

There are many examples of this and one of the best is surely the high-quality fiberglass that was developed by Boss Reinke with his supplier. 

Everyone has an opinion, brings feedback and you should also like to add your mustard. After all, everyone can design their own custom board with us, regardless of whether it can be produced in series or not. The possibilities are endless and range from graphics to shapes and their structure. Almost everything is customizable!

With a lot of passion, modesty and hard working hours, Fibretec Skateboards made it around the world and spread the stoke in almost every continent.