Board Yard grants you a right of return of 8 days under the following conditions: A right to return the ordered goods only exists in the event of incorrect delivery by Board Yard, production defects, transport damage that occurred during the delivery. The goods must be in their original packaging, unused and returned in full. This also applies to all labels, adhesives, stickers, patches etc. for the articles. We therefore expressly ask you to check the received delivery promptly for any defects upon receipt. Any errors or defects in the delivery must be reported to Board Yard immediately. If there is a defect or damage for which Board Yard is responsible, Board Yard is entitled to choose between exchange or rectification of the defect.

Incorrect delivery
In the event of an incorrect delivery, Board Yard agrees to deliver the correct item (s) to you if possible or otherwise to settle the order with a corresponding replacement (at your choice) with the same value of the goods or to issue a credit note for the amount. It is not possible to cancel the order as long as the ordered item is available.

Defective items
We always examine defective or damaged items for the corresponding defects in order to guarantee the warranty. Damages based on defective material or manufacturing errors are handled by Board Yard in the same way as for incorrect delivery. Basically, a termination of the contractual relationship is not allowed for the above events.

Transport damage
If shipping damage is required email within 48 hours of receipt of goods, a message detailing the damage by e-mail, otherwise the right to free replacement expires.
In the event of an incorrect return, any costs incurred in the course of returning the Board Yard will be charged to you as the customer.
It should be noted that a return never leads to a remuneration for as long as the ordered goods are available. We reserve the right to compensate you for the corresponding value of the goods with a credit note or an equivalent article.

Return cost
costs are always borne by you. Return shipments with insufficient postage cannot be processed. The shipping costs will only be reimbursed if the delivery is a wrong delivery, from Board Yard or production damage or transport damage.

Items excluded from exchange
Due to the strong price reduction, "Sale%" items (Reduced, Clearance or Clearance items etc.) cannot be exchanged.
Articles that have been assembled, assembled or modified by Board Yard at the customer's request are only eligible for exchange if the delivery is an incorrect delivery by Board Yard or damage to production or transport.